Can Something Be Too Good?
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Organic oats. Both the Maple Vanilla Granola and the Cinnamon Coffee Bean Granola are so thick with dried fruits and nuts that the oats seem to play second fiddle in these blends, even though they’re listed as the first ingredient in both. The former has a slight maple flavor, although the sunflower seeds are a little overwhelming. The Cinnamon Coffee Bean Granola, however, has a wonderful balance of textures as well as cinnamon and coffee tastes, and it’s a favorite.

Giselle Perez, food writer for the says:

Amy Glin, personal chef and boutique artisan food producer, has been making her addictively delicious granola for discriminating customers for 6 years.

Glin combines all her orders, and goes into production 4 times a year- March, June, September and December. Her clients have learned to order enough to last them through the 3 month period-she says it’ll last even longer in an airtight container- although this reporter went through hers very quickly.

The granola, declared by to be "by far the best granola we have tasted" is made with organic oats, and there are 3 luscious flavors to choose from- Vanilla Maple (the original one), Cinnamon Coffee Bean (the coffee is from Groundwork and is organic and fair trade), and Vanilla Chai. The Vanilla Chai, by the way, caught the attention of another local boutique food artisan- P.O.P Candy in Santa Monica, uses the granola in their Chai Tea Pecan and Cinnamon Coffee Bean Almond Granola Bars 

 The editors at love it:

We recently sampled this homemade granola from Amy's Nuts. It is very lightly sweeten with pure maple syrup only and contains organic oats, and loads of nuts (pecans, walnuts & almonds) and a wonderful variety of seed ( pumpkin, sunflower sesame & flax) oat bran and 2 types of raisins. This is by far the best granola we have ever tasted. Almost every granola is just too sweet – and they just don’t contain enough nuts and seed. Granola is thought of as a health food but rarely does it live up to that. Most are just high calorie mixes with not much value. Amy’s granola really stands out. Our favorite was the Cinnamon Coffee Bean – a great way to start your day.