Can Something Be Too Good?

The Story of Amy's Nuts

Like every good idea, Amy’s Nuts Crazy Good Granola was born out of need. The need for a delicious, not to sweet, healthy breakfast mix.

Amy searched and searched through recipes and perused the cereal aisle in grocery stores and noticed many purveyors of granola used unnecessary ingredients in the blend; non-fat milk powders, high fructose corn syrup, sugars and other sweeteners. The oats looked dry and flavorless or so sticky and sweet you just know it’s going to get everywhere when you eat it.

After taking it all in Amy went to work and created Crazy Good Granola. The intent was to make a crispy, nutty, delicious, blend that was lightly sweetened, healthy and crunched when you eat it. Mission accomplished.

Amy Glin is a true renaissance woman. A personal chef, writer and entrepreneur, Amy has done everything from cooking for celebrities to managing comedians to conceiving, creating, and marketing a product called ‘Consciousness in a Can.’ She’s a forward thinker who is never short of ideas.

 Amy’s true joy in life is cooking for her friends—seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing the symphony of silence after the first bite of a satisfying meal.