Can Something Be Too Good?


Here"s what people are saying:

"What a wonderful product! It tastes so great. It's not too sweet. It's just right. And it's so good for you! Thank you."

Wally "Famous" Amos

"There's a very possessive place I retreat to when it comes to 'Amy's Nuts'. I'm usually a very generous guy ... think Jiminy Cricket meets Gandhi ... but I may bite if you reach for my Nuts... Make that 'grab for my granola."

Paul Williams
Composer, Songwriter, Singer, Actor...

"I ate all my granola. It is wonderful. I like that it's not too sweet and the ginger adds loads of spice to the flavor. YUM. You have a big hit on your hands."

Chris Owens
Producer, Warner Bros.

"I have never liked granola but I ordered it because I thought my husband might like it. I was right he LOVED it and the extra bonus? I LOVED it too. I have some every morning and I am absolutely sure it is the reason I have been feeling better lately. You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this granola."

Arleen Sorkin

"It"s all the things I hate - all together, and I love it."

Debbie Durst

"You know what I hate about your granola? I HAVE to give it to people. 7 more bags please."

Diane Amos

"It is the best Granola I've ever eaten! And, I thought the Whole Foods was the best, but it is too sticky. I love the texture of the grains and nuts! Thank you Amy! You did it!"

Mariana Williams

"Go Amy! I can't tell you how much I am enjoying this lovely, crazy good hand made granola! It rocks!! I"m ready to order again! I"ll take 4 more bags. All of my friends need to know about this."

Susan N.

"Amy, you"ve got me craving more of the amazing nutty granola. What are the chances of getting 3 bags on Wednesday eve?"

Vicki B

"I had to dash off a quick note to tell you how deeeeelicious the granola is. It is the best!!! I love all the nuts and the very light coating. Excellent. From a very satisfied customer."

Debby Grande

"I'm one of the first recipients of "Amy's Nuts" and I've ordered twice already. I'm addicted."

Barbara Deutsch